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Industrial ladders and platforms are the cornerstone of workplaces, like warehouse, logistics, manufactures etc. Without these important tools, it would be difficult do conduct day to day activities.

However, ladders and platforms should be used with extreme precaution. Ensuring safety, while using these platforms, is in the best interest of employees and employers to prevent injuries at the workplace.

All companies should have a Safety incentive Program based on guidelines provided by OSHA, in order to nurture an environment that minimizes work-related injuries, and as a result boost productivity.

Here are 5 safety practices that must be enforced in the all workplaces:

Inspecting the Ladder and Platforms before use

  1. All ladders and platforms must be thoroughly inspected before each use, multiple times in a day if necessary. Bent or damaged ladders and platforms should not be climbed upon.
  2. All the nuts, joints and rivets should be tight and the feet steps should be secure to climb upon.
  3. The ladders and platforms should be clean from oil, grease, paint and any other forms of dirt. Anything that could make the surface slippery should be avoided. This is why employees should only step on these platforms with clean shoes.
  4. Any ladder or platform that is beyond repair should be discarded immediately.

Using the right Ladders and Platforms

  1. The instructions that come with the ladder and platforms should be read by all employees to ensure that these tools are being used only for the purpose for which they were designed.
  2. If the work involves use of harsh and corrosive chemicals, then the manufacturer should be consulted before use.
  3. The duty ratings of the platforms should not be exceeded.
  4. If a ladder or platform is being used outdoors, then they shouldn’t be used in high winds.


  1. Ladders and platforms should never be left unattended in the workplace.
  2. They should have designated storage areas. Ladders should preferably be stored in racks.
  3. They should never be used for storing other material and should remain clean when not in use.

Set up

  1. Platforms that work with electricity can cause accidents if not operated properly, so should be used by trained personnel only.
  2. Ladders that are made with metal conduct electricity; proper precautions should be taken while setting them up.
  3. The space should be free of wires, circuits or any other electrical devices that can cause electrocution.

Employee Safety

  1. All employees should be trained to properly use ladders and platforms.
  2. Employees should know how to maintain their balance, keep a firm grip and how to climb appropriately and safely.
  3. Ladders and platforms should never be overloaded, especially while carrying heavy tools or equipment.

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