Standard Fixed Ladders

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Standard fixed ladders are an affordable and safe solution when there is a vertical access solution required. Each fixed ladder in this category meets or exceeds current regulatory standards for safety.

The fixed ladder is a unique investment because it is a non-self-supporting ladder. You cannot adjust the length of this ladder to meet your needs once it has been manufactured. It must be permanently attached to the structure where your personnel require vertical access. Pitch ranges from 60-90 degrees are often supported within this category.

What sets the best standard fixed ladders apart in our industry today is the quality of the protective finish. Many fixed ladders are exposed to the elements on a regular basis. Without a high quality protective finish, the effects of corrosion can begin developing almost immediately. This is especially true if you are looking for a budget-friendly option in this category that has been manufactured from carbon-steel.

Getting started with your order is easy.

  • Choose the manufacturer that you prefer.
  • Choose the number of rungs that you need to have on your standard fixed ladder.
  • Choose the type of fall resistance that you may wish to have included with your ladder, such as a cage.
  • Choose any additional features that may be available with your fixed ladder of choice.

That’s when our team can get to work. You will receive a world-class product that will serve your vertical access needs. If you cannot find a standard fixed ladder that meets the specific needs you have, we can also create a customized solution so that you’re not stuck on the ground.

A standard fixed ladder is one of the most affordable equipment investments that can be made today. If you have a vertical access issue which needs to be solved, each ladder here has the potential to be your solution.

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