About Factory Equipment

At Factory Equipment, you will find the best value on your equipment asset needs.

You will find numerous equipment options at prices that are budget-friendly and to your exact specifications if required. We offer quality lifts, hoppers, tables, mobile platforms, cafeteria seating, and much more so you can worry about working instead of the quality of your equipment.

Instead of offering pretty words and empty promises, at Factory Equipment, we rely on the quality of the product to tell our story. No detail is overlooked. We appreciate your need to have tough equipment that can withstand the demands of industrial settings. You will be pleasantly surprised at the combination of quality and affordability.

Factory Equipment About UsTo ensure that you receive the best equipment for your investment, our team operates with these 3 principles in mind all day, every day.

  • We based our claims of quality on real-world applications of our equipment instead of marketing lingo or manufacturing jargon.
  • We use a proprietary strategy to keep costs down without compromising the quality of our inventory or the service you receive.
  • We work hard because you work hard.

Our team can fulfill your order with current inventory or we can work together to create a customized solution that meets your exact needs to the letter.

We will never sell you equipment that does not meet our rigorous standards of quality.

Be sure to click on the equipment listing for more information about it and the benefits it can provide. Our website is updated on a regular basis and our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

In the world of online transactions, a handshake and a smile have gone out of style. At Factory Equipment, that’s still the way we do business. Our word is our bond. Your patronage is much appreciated and we look forward to serving you in whatever way possible.