Folding Rolling Ladders

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Folding rolling ladders might be an equipment asset that isn’t easy to say, but it does provide you with the easy vertical access you may need. These ladders specialize in helping personnel reach new heights in very confined spaces. They will also minimize the amount of storage space that you need in order to properly maintain you ladder over time.

At Factory Equipment, we offer you a number of standardized features that will allow you to customize your new folding rolling ladder without paying for the high prices of individualized manufacturing. Take a look.

  • You get to choose your top step height. Your options typically range from 50-150 inches, depending on the brand of manufacturer that you prefer for your folding rolling ladder.
  • You get to choose the top step width. In this ladder category, the standard top step width is 18 inches. Some manufacturers may offer 24-inch or 36-inch widths from time-to-time.
  • You choose the tread type. Folding rolling ladders will typically offer a choice between an expanded metal tread or a grip strut tread.

Many of the ladders in this category are manufactured with steel, give you the best possible rated weight capacity. Expect a minimum weight capacity of 300 pounds with the best folding rolling ladders.

Railings come standard with this ladder design and meet or exceed all current safety standards.

We may need up to 15 days of lead time on your folding roller ladder request. This is due to the extra levels of customization that are available in this category. If you need added customization beyond what has been listed, our team can also help you design and manufacture a custom folding rolling ladder as well.

If you are tight on space and don’t want to compromise on quality, then choose a folding rolling ladder. Our team will work with you to make sure your needs will be met.

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