Heavy Duty Rolling Ladders

Heavy duty rolling ladders are the perfect choice when you have a tough task that needs to be conquered. These are often considered the best rolling ladders that are on the market today. Unlike their counterparts, you’ll find larger weight capacities, thicker tubular manufacturing processes, and numerous features that can help you customize your equipment without the high costs of total customization.

Pricing in this category starts around $750.

Here is what you can expect to find if you make the investment into one of the best heavy duty rolling ladders offered by Factory Equipment today.

  • Double your weight capacity. Many rolling ladders offer a total weight capacity of 300 pounds. With a heavy duty ladder, expect to see a maximum weight capacity of at least 600 pounds.
  • Soar to new heights. Heavy duty rolling ladders typically begin with a top step height of about 4 feet. The maximum height of many models is often above 12 feet.
  • Get extra tread type options. You’ll receive the expanded metal and grip strut tread options which are standard on most rolling ladders today. You also receive the option to have a perforated tread with many heavy duty rolling ladders.

Just because they are bigger, taller, and stronger doesn’t mean that it is more difficult to move these ladders. Heavy duty ladders are equipped with four strong casters and wheels instead of just two, allowing personnel to easily push the entire ladder assembly to a new location. This allows everyone to have the vertical access that is needed for a wide variety of job responsibilities.

The benefits of a heavy duty rolling ladder are many. The cost of this equipment asset is quite minimal. Let our team help you find the perfect ladder for you needs today so that you can begin to maximize your productivity.

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