Multi-Directional Rolling Ladders

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The best multidirectional rolling ladders will give your personnel a tremendous advantage when it comes to the completion of their job duties. These are the most maneuverable rolling ladders that are available right now. Each comes equipped with a 360-degree movement capability, allowing your personnel to perfectly position the ladder so they can maximize their productivity.

The primary benefit of choosing a ladder in this category is its ease of transportation. You don’t need to worry about a wheelbarrow design or some other specific task that must be completed to move the ladder. The entire assembly is pushed or pulled by your personnel, allowing for a lower risk of strain and sprain injuries that can come from ladder use.

Another advantage to consider with the multidirectional rolling ladder is its size profile. Many of the ladders in this category have a slimmer design profile thanks to a slightly steeper angle of decline. This may limit storage space underneath the ladder, but it also means you can get this type of ladder into more difficult spaces than a standardized rolling ladder.

You’re still able to select your size and specific features within this category as well.

  • Choose your top step height so that you have a ladder which will give you the vertical access your worksite requires.
  • Top step width options allow your personnel to have an added platform area that is stable and secure so they can get their work completed in a timely fashion.
  • Various tread types allow you to adapt your new multidirectional rolling ladder to your unique environment.

If you are unable to find a specific ladder to meet your needs, our team here at Factory Equipment can also work with you to design a customized solution that is still quite affordable.

Multidirectional ladders are an investment that just makes sense. Let us show you how today.

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