Aluminum Fixed Ladders

Aluminum fixed ladders are a lightweight solution to help personnel gain vertical access to a specific location. You’ll find this simple, but effective equipment asset installed in a number of useful areas at many work sites. From a loading dock to a storage tank to outdoor installations that provide roof access or escape, the versatile aluminum fixed ladder offers you consistent help for a very affordable price.

Why choose aluminum for your next fixed ladder instead of powder-coated steel, fiberglass, or some other material? Because of the inherent advantages that aluminum has over every other material.

  • Aluminum is highly resilient. Not only is aluminum naturally resistant to corrosion, but it also adapts as the environment changes. When it begins to get cold, aluminum becomes stronger. It also offers good thermal conductivity, allowing you to safely use the ladder in warmer weather as well.
  • Aluminum is of a uniform quality. Even the best powder-coated ladders or fiberglass products can have inconsistencies in the quality of the materials. This is why many warranties include protections against “craftsmanship and material defect.” Aluminum has more uniformity, which reduces the risk of a defect.
  • Aluminum has numerous finishing options. Because of the finishing versatility of an aluminum fixed ladder, you have more options to install vertical access for your personnel that meets the very specific needs of your environment.

Aluminum fixed ladders are strong. Once installed, they can function for a long time. Add in the affordability of this product and it becomes clear that the advantages of this equipment asset can be realized immediately.

If you’re looking for a vertical access solution, then our team is standing by to help you find the aluminum fixed ladder that will best meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your site and together we’ll find the right ladder to install today.