Drum Handling

Drum handling equipment might not be the most glamorous conversational topic, but it is an important subject to discuss for many industries. When you have ergonomic drum handling equipment that is supportive of the tasks which need to be completed, it becomes possible to maximize your productivity.

The best drum handling equipment options today have certain features that you’ll want to look for if you’re in the market to make an investment.

  • Ergonomic Swivel Casters. Many drum trucks are designed to operate with two wheels resting on the floor. Look for ergonomic swivel casters that will allow for 4-wheel movement, which will reduce user strain and fatigue while completing tasks.
  • Narrow Mast. With a narrower mast, users have an improved field of vision when completing their tasks with this equipment.
  • Drum Rollers. If you have a need to roll your drums so that the contents contained within can be mixed, then look for a hydralift drum roller so that you can dramatically reduce your current manual drum lifting needs.

Load capacity is another important feature which must be considered when looking at today’s drum handling equipment. Many options have an equipment weight of less than 100 pounds, but have varying load weight standards. You’ll find many solutions that can handle load capacities of 1,100-1,500 pounds.

You may also look at the actual grip of the handles, the design and structure of the drum handling equipment, and other specific safety features that may be included for each option. This way your people won’t have the same amount of strain when performing their job duties, giving you a safer option to be utilized on a regular basis.

Do you have specific drum handling needs that require a solution? Our team is standing by right now to offer a helping hand. Contact us today and we’ll find that solution.

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