Tilt and Roll Rolling Ladders

Tilt and roll rolling ladders are an innovative solution to a common problem that is often experience with equipment like this. How can you move the ladder from one place to another quickly, but without compromising safety?

Some ladders answer this question by offering folding components. By reducing the size of the ladder, you can take it to your new location. It is simple and fast, but still requires your personnel to take extra time in the folding and unfolding process.

If you don’t need to store your ladder on a regular basis, then consider making an investment into the best tilt and rolling ladders that are available today. Transporting them to a new location is simple. Just lift up the frame from one end of the ladder, support the weight as you would with a wheelbarrow, and then push it toward your next destination.

Pricing in this category is extremely competitive, with several manufacturers offering entry-level models for less than $300.

So why choose a tilt and roll rolling ladder? The benefits go beyond how one can move these ladders from Point A to Point B.

  • Most tilt and roll ladders offer handrails that extend to the bottom step, which is a feature that not every rolling ladder provides.
  • There are also usable platforms as the top step of the ladder, surrounded by the handrail, so there is a useful working area for your personnel.
  • With locking wheels, the tilt and roll design offers a greater lack of movement thanks to its two-wheel design when compared to 4-wheel designs.

Portable ladders are extremely useful in virtually any industry or environment. With the best tilt and roll rolling ladders as part of your equipment assets, you’ll find that maximizing your productivity just became a whole lot easier.

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