Industrial Rolling Ladders

Industrial rolling ladders are perfect for a wide variety of applications. They offer an increased level of durability so they can work in a wide variety of environments. Despite this strength, the mobility of each ladder in this category is never compromised. That’s why many consider this type of ladder to be their go-to ladder for a wide variety of needs.

Pricing in this category is extremely competitive. Some options are priced at less than $150 on a regular basis. You can also find a top-of-the-line industrial rolling ladder that can meet virtually any access need for around $2,500.

Since there are heavy duty rolling ladders, standard rolling ladders, and several other designs available, why decide on the industrial rolling ladder over all the others? There are several unique advantages that are worth considering in this category.

  • You receive a useful top step. Unlike some other rolling ladders, you have a useful top step in this category that is surrounded by protective rails. Top step widths typically go up to 26 inches for industrial ladders.
  • You have an increased weight capacity. Although industrial ladders have a slightly lower weight capacity than a heavy duty rolling ladder, you can still expect a maximum rated capacity of at least 450 pounds. This allows your personnel to work with inventory or their tools with relative ease.
  • You have multiple tread options. Industrial rolling ladders include almost every tread type that is available for equipment of this type. This includes an abrasive mat, which can be more gentle on the shoes of your personnel compared to other tread types.

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your investment, then the industrial rolling ladder is a design that will stretch each dollar further. It’s an upgrade from our entry-level ladders, but allows you to perform tasks like a heavy duty ladder. Let our team know what you need and we’ll help you find the right ladder today.

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