Side Step Fixed Ladders

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Side step fixed ladders are a useful asset to own when you need to have roof access. These ladders attach so you receive the vertical access you require, but do so without handrails that may extend over the top of the building. It is the type of ladder you want to own when space is one of your primary considerations.

Not every side step fixed ladder is created equally. There are certain manufacturing processes you’ll want to ask about to make sure you’re purchasing one of the best fixed ladders on the market today.

  • Welded Assemblies. Each ladder in this category should be a one-piece welded assembly. By using this manufacturing process, the ladder is given as much strength as possible when it is being used by personnel.
  • Powder Coating. Many of the ladders in the side-step category are manufactured from high-grade steel to improve their overall strength. This means you need to have a polyester powder-coating that is equally strong so you aren’t stuck dealing with a corrosion issue.
  • Strong Stand Off Brackets. The best side step fixed ladders will typically feature stand-off brackets that are 7 inches or greater. Look for rounded rungs to be spaced on 12-inch centers with up to 1-inch diameter rungs being used.

One of the unique features that you will find on side step fixed ladders is a hot-dip galvanized coating. Although this is often a customized feature that we can create for you, some manufacturers have started included it as a standard option on some of their top-quality ladders.

When only the very best will do and you need a side-step access, then these are the ladders that will help you get the job done. Each ladder in this category meets current safety regulation standards so you can rest assured that your investment today makes sense.

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