Trailer Access Rolling Ladders

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Trailer access rolling ladders give you that extra level of support that you sometimes need. Let’s face it: the loading dock can be an extremely busy place. You need to get those trucks moving in a timely fashion so you’re not stuck paying delay bonuses for each delivery. When you can’t get the truck to the dock, you can bring this ladder out to the truck.

Our truck and dock ladders here at Factory Equipment provide you with the unique access that is needed for your loading or unloading needs. Many of the designs that are offered today have an extended width, allowing your personnel to quickly move inventory from trailer to dock or dock to trailer.

For outdoor docks that do not have a permanent ladder as an access point, these rolling ladders can also be a fast substitute when you need to get people from one place to another in a short amount of time.

Here are the key points to consider to make sure that you’re getting the best trailer access rolling ladder for your needs.

  • Get the correct to step height. Many truck and dock ladders offer a top step height between 40-60 inches. Combine this with the top step width that will allow your personnel the safe access they need without needless reaching.
  • Find the right rated capacity. Many of the rolling ladders in this category have a maximum rated capacity of 500 pounds. Some manufacturers may offer options that are slightly more or less than this. Based on your product movement, you can know if the ladder meets your needs.
  • Platform safety. A safety chain is often in place at the top step to create a “cage” for your personnel. Some access ladders offer a dual-chain option for added safety.

By improving your efficiencies, costs can be reduced and profits increased. Our trailer access rolling ladders can make that happen. Find out more today.

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