Walk Down Rolling Ladders

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Sometimes you need to change the dynamics of how a ladder is used to maintain a high level of safety. That’s what the best walk down rolling ladders can provide your personnel. Unlike other ladders, this unique design allows for a face-forward descent, making it a useful equipment asset. If you have personnel using ladders on a frequent basis, then this can improve the speed and productivity right away.

Most of the walk down ladders that are built today offer a 50-degree slope. Although this is slightly more severe than the average set of stairs, the results are still the same. People feel comfortable with this ladder design because it encourages more of a stepping movement instead of a climbing movement.

That change in movement makes it much easier to transport supplies, fulfill orders as a stock picker, or control inventory in other ways. Each ladder comes with a handrail which meets or exceeds all safety regulations and a helpful rail at the top step so work can be completed with confidence.

Height options in this category can go up to 10 feet. You have numerous tread type options for your new walk down ladder, with a maximum width of 26 inches for each step. Our design team at Factory Equipment can also customize a ladder to meet your specific needs as well.

If you’re looking for a ladder option that can allow for easy transportation from location-to-location, but still encourages natural movements to reduce fatigue and the risks of an injury, then this is the category for you. The best walk down ladders can go the same places as any other ladder, but give your personnel the confidence they need to work with maximum efficiency.

Let our team know what features you’d like to see in your new ladder so you can meet your productivity goals this year.


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