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Mobile dual access work platforms offer you the convenience of a cross-platform solution, but the flexibility of a portable platform at the same time. It is one of the most affordable platforms you can add to your equipment assets today when you need multiple personnel working on the same task.

You’ll find that every mobile dual access work platform offers these key features so that each job can be completed as efficiently as possible.

  • Full Hand Rail Support. Not only do the access stairs to the mobile platform offer handrail support, but so does the platform area. This helps to reduce falls and other injuries that may occur when working in confined, vertical spaces.
  • Non-Skid The stairs for each platform and then platform itself are equipped with a non-skid surface. This allows your personnel to have a sturdy footing when they are completing an assigned task.
  • Multiple Options. You can select specific features on a standardized mobile dual access work platform so you can have your needs met. We can also customize a platform for you if the available features are unable to meet your demands.

Pricing for our mobile dual access work platforms begins at less than $1,000. You’ll find that are best mobile work platforms in this category are still less than $2,500. In return, you’ll receive a load capacity of 800 pounds, a high quality powder coating on steel components, and a railing height of 36 inches.

You choose the number of steps needed, the width of the step, your railing, and the tread-type that is included.

Our team is standing by right now to help answer any questions you may have about the benefits of having a dual entry mobile work platform as part of your equipment assets. Let us know how we can help so you can offer your personnel the access they need.

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