Stock Picking Rolling Ladders

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Stock picking rolling ladders need to do more than provide personnel with the vertical access they need to your inventory. Those who work in stock departments are up and down a lot throughout the day. Sitting, standing, climbing, or descending – they always seem to be doing something to keep an organization productive.

This means the best rolling ladders in this category are going to support your people at what they do best. How can a simple ladder help your stock pickers be able to be more efficient with their productivity? It happens through the unique features that are found in this category.

Here is what you can expect to find with a great stock picking rolling ladder.

  • Extended safety rails around the top step. Stock pickers are often reaching in order to grab what is needed. All of that reaching can end up with a nasty fall. The modern ladder understands that reaching may still be necessary, but protects your personnel from a fall should a lack of balance occur.
  • Easy portability. Stock pickers are often required to move quickly when they need to pull something. The ladders in this category are lightweight enough to be moved by a single individual, but allows your department to reach even the tallest shelves with improved speed.
  • Added storage space. You lose a lot of time if your stock pickers need to transport 1-2 items at a time when a request or order comes in. The added shelving on stock picking ladders allows for multiple orders to be fulfilled at once.

Each stock department has unique needs that must be fulfilled. That’s why today’s ladder manufacturers give you multiple features you can select for your new equipment. At Factory Equipment, we can also customize your next ladder to meet specific needs as well.

Stock picking rolling ladders make work easier. That makes people more productive. Find out how much time and money you could save with this one investment today.

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