Vertical And Cage Fixed Ladders

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Vertical and cage fixed ladders are something we often take for granted. They are used for vertical access virtually every day without a second thought. Part of the reason why there is such confidence in what a ladder can provide as an equipment asset is because of the safety features and precautions that are built into the product.

Whenever you have a fixed ladder that is greater than 20 feet in height, then there is a safety requirement to include a cage – with limited exceptions.

How does a ladder cage work? You’ve likely seen personnel using a vertical cage as a “backscratcher,” leaning back on the protective mechanism in order to grab a tool, eat a quick snack, or perform some other task. That is not why a cage is in place on tall ladders.

The cages on tall ladders are designed to stop someone from falling backwards off of a ladder when they have reached a life-threatening fall height. They are not designed to prevent a downward fall from occurring. It does offer a brief opportunity for someone to catch themselves as they fall downward, but the primary purpose is to stop a lengthy backward fall away from the ladder itself.

For this reason, it may be advisable to consider purchasing a fall arrest system for a tall vertical and cage fixed ladder in addition to the purchase of a product that meets all current safety regulations for ladders 20 feet or greater in vertical height.

We also offer customized ladder solutions that can meet your specific needs.

Your personnel deserve the safest fall solution that is available right now. Vertical and cage fixed ladders can be the centerpiece of that solution. Let our team know what type and size of ladder you’re looking at today and together we’ll find a way for your personnel to climb freely without fear.

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