Walk Thru Fixed Ladders

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Walk-thru fixed ladders offer an extra hand of support when a safe landing access is required for your personnel. The best fixed ladders in this category are one-piece welded assemblies that will quickly install at your loading dock or similar vertical access area.

Each walk-thru fixed ladder offers a 42-inch walk-thru handrail as required by current safety standards. This allows for access to an elevated platform, a mezzanine, or a roof with ease. Some designs may also be appropriate as a wall crossover ladder in specific applications.

How do you know if a walk-thru fixed ladder is an appropriate solution for your vertical access needs? There are three key points that must be considered before choosing this type of ladder.

  • Walk-thru ladders must be 20 feet in vertical height or less. Ladders that are above 20 feet require a cage according to current US government regulations. If your vertical access requirement is greater than 20 feet, then we recommend our selection of vertical and cage fixed ladders.
  • Each handrail must be made of 1-inch diameter tubing that is spaced 24 inches apart.
  • If your vertical access point offers a sloped surface, a low parapet, a roof membrane that must be avoided, or there are other obstacles in place, then you will want to choose a solution that includes a self-supported walk-thru handrail.

Sometimes the ladders in this category can be used for emergency egress. In most instances, however, this is the solution you’ll want for high traffic areas where you need a safe climbing solution for your personnel.

If you’re thinking about a walk-thru fixed ladder, then let our team know about your current needs. Together we can find a solution here, customize a fixed ladder for you, or find a ladder in a different category that can help you and your personnel stay productive.

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