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Boost Seating Capacity & Comfort with Versatile Booths

Maximize your space and enhance customer or employee experience with booths. Ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, waiting rooms, break areas, and more!

Why Choose Booths?

  • Efficient Seating: Accommodate more people comfortably in a smaller footprint.
  • Privacy & Comfort: Offer a sense of enclosure and promote relaxed conversation.
  • Easy to Clean: Durable materials keep maintenance fuss-free.
  • Customizable: Find the perfect size, style, and finish to match your space.

Top-Quality Booths at Factory Equipment

We offer premium booths from trusted brands like Plymold, known for their craftsmanship and wide range of options. Plus, explore versatile bench seating solutions from Barricks, including:

  • Classic Restaurant Booths
  • Industrial-Strength Cafeteria Tables
  • Picnic-Style Seating
  • Customizable Contour Benches

Discover the Perfect Booth for Your Needs

Ready to transform your space? Whether you’re outfitting a bustling restaurant or a cozy waiting area, our team is here to help you find the right booth solution.

Contact us to explore your options and maximize your seating today!

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