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Office rolling ladders are one of those equipment options that you don’t really think about… until you need one, that is. How many times have you seen someone from administration trying to reach a binder on a top shelf, cup of coffee in-hand, and thought, “That’s a bad idea”?

When you have an office rolling ladder at your disposal, you won’t be able to stop every bad decision. What you can do is offer your personnel the easier access they need to reach those files, office supplies, or equipment that they need to get their work finished in a timely fashion.

If you’ve ever used a 3-step stool at home, then you’ll be familiar with the design of an office rolling ladder. The difference between the residential option and this high quality product is the improved design and structure that comes from an enhanced manufacturing process. These ladders are designed to help personnel take on some tough tasks, yet still be strong and stable while being used.

You’ll notice immediately the reinforced design the classic office rolling ladder. This added strength helps to ensure that injury risks are reduced with proper use of the equipment. Then there is the added tread to each step. A safety rail is also present around the top step, allowing the ladder to be used as a platform.

Look for wheels that either lock securely into place or sink into the design of the ladder so that there isn’t any mobility with the equipment while it is being used.

We offer 1-6 step options within this category.

You may not be able stop the casual conversations around the coffeemaker in the morning, but you can stop making your personnel try to reach items that are just beyond their fingertips. Let us show you how affordable an industrial-strength office rolling ladder can be so you can experience its many benefits today.

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