Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

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Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts: Go Where the Work Is

When maximum reach and portability are essential, trailer mounted boom lifts deliver. Ideal for jobsites that lack existing infrastructure or require access to multiple locations quickly, these versatile lifts take your capabilities on the road.

Benefits of Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

  • Versatility: Work over obstacles, reach remote areas, and easily move between projects.
  • Quick Setup: Tow-behind design means less setup time and more time working.
  • Stability: Built-in outriggers ensure a secure work platform even on uneven terrain.
  • Compact Footprint: Fits through gates and navigates tight spaces with ease.

Ideal Applications

  • Construction: Siding, roofing, overhead installations
  • Utilities: Power line maintenance, telecommunications access
  • Arboriculture: Tree trimming and removal at multiple sites
  • Facilities Maintenance: Cleaning, repairs, and inspections on large campuses

Key Features to Consider

  • Working Height: Choose the maximum reach you need.
  • Articulating Boom: Offers greater flexibility around obstacles.
  • Power Source: Gas, diesel, or electric/hybrid options available.
  • Towing Requirements: Ensure your vehicle can handle the lift’s weight.

Find the Right Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

FactoryEquipment.net offers a selection of trailer mounted boom lifts to meet diverse needs. Let our team help you choose the right combination of reach, features, and towability for your operation.

Transform Your Workflow

Contact us today to explore how trailer mounted boom lifts can enhance your productivity, flexibility, and safety on the job.

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