Helicopter Maintenance Platforms: Safety, Access, Efficiency

Ensure safe and efficient helicopter maintenance with our selection of top-quality stands and platforms. From routine inspections to complex repairs, we have the robust, customizable solutions to streamline your operations.

Key Features

Designed for all helicopter types
Accommodate a variety of maintenance tasks
Anti-slip platforms, secure railings, stability features
Durable materials withstand outdoor use

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Our Helicopter Stands & Platforms

Helicopter stands and platforms give you the safe and simple access needed for rotor craft inspections, maintenance, or repair. You’ll find that there are some helicopter-specific stands and platforms that are available today, but do you really want to purchase a specific stand or platform for every helicopter you may need to service?

That’s a cost which could get out of hand very quickly. Yet you still need to provide effective rotor craft services. What is the solution?

At Factory Equipment, we create custom helicopter stands and platforms that are designed to meet that specific need. Instead of needing to budget a stand and platform for every type of rotor craft you service, we can work together to manufacture a functional, safe, and sturdy equipment asset that will let you get your job done without a massive investment.

Innovative designs are important, but a great design is worthless if it doesn’t comply with current government safety standards. The best helicopter stands and platforms are also worthless if there isn’t a world-class manufacturing process in place to implement the design as well. Our team goes beyond the promises found on a website to fulfill the highest quality stands and platforms with every equipment order.

We may take a safety-first perspective to our products, but that doesn’t mean we make compromises elsewhere. Each custom helicopter stand and platform is built to your specifications so that your varied needs can be effectively met.

Whether you want a stand and platform that works for a specific rotor craft you service or you’re looking for a generalized design that works with multiple rotor craft shapes and sizes, our team is standing by right now to lend you a hand. Let us know what your current challenge happens to be and together we’ll manufacture a solution that is built to last.

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