Custom Rolling Ladders: Safe, Efficient Access on Demand

Forget makeshift ladders or ones that almost fit. Our custom rolling ladders provide the exact height, features, and stability you need for safe access in your warehouse, stockroom, or industrial facility. Stop making do – get the perfect ladder for the job.

Benefits Spotlight

Precisely configured to your specifications.
Heavy-duty casters, outriggers (if applicable), and locking mechanisms prevent tipping.
Handrails, non-slip steps, built to OSHA standards.
Smooth-rolling casters for quick repositioning, yet lock securely in place.
Optional tool holders, baskets, etc.

Customization Options

Ladder Style

Straight, vertical, platform with stairs.


Steel, aluminum, fiberglass


Powder coating, special coatings for harsh environments.


Handrails, safety cages, tool trays, etc.

Why Choose FactoryEquipment.net?

  • Industry Experts

    We understand the demands of busy workplaces.

  • Design Support

    Our team ensures your ladder is both functional and safe.

  • Made in the USA

Our Custom Rolling Ladders

Custom rolling ladders are an excellent addition to warehouses for picking inventory. They are also a versatile solution that can be used in a wide variety of industries. A customized rolling ladder provides you with the ability to reach materials, perform maintenance, and complete additional tasks with a high level of safety.

Improving your work processes is as simple as the creation of a ladder which meets all of your specific needs. Each customized solution that is built for you will meet or exceed current government safety standards, allowing you to have confidence in your new equipment asset. This way you can worry less about an accident occurring and more about completing your project to the best of your ability.

Here are the advantages that come when choosing Factory Equipment to work with you in the creation of your next custom rolling ladder or stairs.

  • You can choose the height

    From 2 steps to 15+ rungs, you can have the customizable height needed to fulfill your needs. Even the tallest shelf can be accessed with one of our custom solutions.

  • Sturdiness is never in question

    Our customized solutions are built to last. With non-skid treads, fully welded components, and heavy duty casters, these rolling ladders are built to resist the challenges of your toughest environment.

  • Your site receives an enhanced mobility

    Just one customized rolling ladder can benefit multiple employees at once. Each is built to enhance the mobility of what you already do.

Common Types of Rolling Ladders and Their Uses [Infograph]

Each custom rolling ladder is manufactured to exact specifications. You will have confidence in the final product received because you will be involved in its creation, from start to finish.

The days of a promise and a handshake may have gone away, but we still feel that some traditions are important. You’ll find that emphasis in the high quality equipment assets designed just for you. Contact our staff today to get the creation process started.

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