Custom Industrial Platforms Designed for YOUR Workflow

Outdated, one-size-fits-all platforms holding you back? Elevate your operations with custom industrial platforms built to your exact specifications. Maximize unused vertical space, streamline processes, and create safer work environments with our tailored solutions.

Key Benefits

Mezzanines, equipment access platforms, loading dock extensions – reclaim valuable floor space.
Position workers and materials exactly where needed, reducing wasted movement.
Integrated railings, stair options, non-slip surfaces designed to meet or exceed OSHA standards.
Heavy-duty steel construction, engineered for your load requirements.

The Design Process

Your Needs

We start with understanding your pain points, space constraints, and workflow goals.

Collaborative Design

Our engineers create custom CAD drawings, ensuring the perfect fit and function.

Precision Manufacturing

Installation Support

Why Choose FactoryEquipment.net?

  • Decades of Experience

    Solving complex industrial challenges.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    From concept to finished install.

  • USA-Made Quality

Our Custom Platforms

Custom platforms allow employees to safely reach difficult access points that are above the ground. Whether it’s the replacement of a light bulb, aircraft inspections, or the need to work above an immovable obstacle on your floor, the solutions which are available through Factory Equipment will help you get the job done for a surprisingly affordable price.

Whenever there is a potential restriction of space, a customized platform built just for your needs can help you unlock your full potential. The benefits of choosing Factory Equipment to satisfy this need are many.

  • We offer in-house solutions that meet safety standards

    We utilize a full team of professionals and contractors to make sure that your custom platform exceeds all of your expectations.

  • Engineering services provide a guaranteed quality

    Every custom platform that we build meets or exceeds current safety standards. It will be built to your exact specifications by skilled professionals at every step along the manufacturing process.

  • You can receive the exact solution you need

    Whether you want to duplicate a custom platform design that has been successful for you in the past or you need a brand new solution, your team can rest assured that our team will work with you to produce exactly what you need.

Lumber Cart
There are many custom platform providers that offer plenty of promises, but struggle to fulfill them in a meaningful way. At Factory Equipment, our word is our bond. This means our promise is simple: when you need a custom platform, then we’ll work with you to produce the highest quality product possible. Your business is unique. This means your customized platform requirements must be individualized so that you can fulfill your responsibilities. Let us know what you need so that together, we can help you create a reputation that is built to last. Prefer to call? (866) 410-7852
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