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Whether it’s a school or an office, lockers play an important role in the organizing and safe-keeping of files, or in the case of students their “stuff’. Without lockers, day to day activities can become very stressful, that’s for sure.

When it comes to building or remodeling an office or a school, special consideration should be paid to the design and structure of the lockers. Lockers should be able to provide a flow in the overall functionality, especially in workplaces, and they should be durable.

Here are certain important considerations that should be kept in mind:


The most important consideration when buying a locker is what purpose will it serve.

When it comes to a school, there are several uses for lockers. There are lockers which are designated to students, where they can keep their books and other personal belongings. Then there are lockers in the gym. Other than that, there are lockers in the administrative department, which have typical office use for arranging and storing files.

For offices, the lockers are generally used for keeping and arranging files, so that they are easily accessible when required. In addition to that, some offices can also have lockers for personal belongings of employees, so for that different type of lockers are required.

Space and Requirement

The next step to buying lockers is assessing how many lockers are required and the available space. These two factors alone can make a lot of difference on the design and the capacity of each individual locker.


Lockers are generally made of steel, but their strength can nonetheless vary. The thinner the metal used in a locker, the more durable it will be.

The doors of the lockers are made with stronger steel than the rest of the lockers, as doors have to face a lot of wear and tear.

Lockers also come with different finishes or processing, which makes them less corrosive in high humidity areas.


Lockers come in unassembled and assembled variants. Unassembled variants can take a lot of time to install and can also prove to be costly, because of increased labor.

Assembled lockers can save a lot of time, as well as cost.


Lockers come in all types of configuration. For schools, specialty configurations which can be mounted on the wall are the best space saving solution.

For offices, traditional series lockers are the best choice for arranging loads of files, which make it easier to access and withdraw.

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