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The use of ladders for repair and maintenance work is very common. However, normal ladders do not have the features required to help maintenance workers do their jobs in an efficient way.

Proper maintenance work can only be done with ladders if they come with certain important features, like appropriate work platforms.

Maintenance ladders are especially constructed for the purpose of carrying out maintenance work. They are used for small scale construction work, routine maintenance jobs (like window cleaning), and repairing buildings and other tall structures. Some maintenance ladders are mobile and can be moved easily moved around.

Maintenance ladders which are fixed to particular structure have the ability to move across it in order to facilitate workers in carrying out maintenance work on various parts of the structure. Some of the commonly used kinds of maintenance ladders are: vertical ladders, box ladders, inclined ladders, and mast climbers.

Major kinds of maintenance ladders

1. Vertical maintenance ladders

Vertical maintenance ladders have a great deal of resemblance to normal straight ladders. However, they have a much superior load bearing capacity than the normal ones. The base of a vertical maintenance ladder is attached to a movable trolley which rolls over an aluminum track placed in front of the building that requires maintenance work. The presence of the track ensures that the ladder moves safely without any risk of toppling over.

The trolleys used for these kinds of ladders can be moved across the track either by manually pushing it or by using a motor. Vertical maintenance ladders come with work platforms so that the maintenance staff can safely do their job and carry all the necessary supplies they need.

To protect the workers from falling off the ladder, various safety mechanisms, such as safety harnesses or movable baskets, are also used.

2. Inclined ladders

These kinds of maintenance ladders have steps instead of rungs and are used for cleaning glass roofs. The ladder is placed on aluminum tracks so that it can move across the glass roof without coming in contact with it.

What Are The Common Types Of Maintenance Ladders?

3. Box ladders

Box ladders are a type of permanently fixed maintenance ladder with a box like structure around the ladder itself. The box provides an extra level of safety for the workers. They can also be mounted on aluminum tracks to make horizontal movement possible.

4. Mast climbers

They consist of a mast which can be moved in the horizontal direction and have a climbing platform fitted to it. Mast climbers can be hidden away from public sight, unlike the box ladders.

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