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Ladders are often used in homes and workplaces for various types of activities. However, industrial ladders and their applications are different from the ones used in maintenance and cleaning.

Industrial ladders are designed to provide more durability and must also comply with the standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The safety of the workers depend on them.

Here are some industrial ladders that are used in workplaces:

Fixed ladders

Fixed ladders are vertical ladders that are mounted on walls for climbing to higher places. They aren’t used for aerial access, but installed in places where workers or any other individuals need to climb out.

They are also used for emergency exits in manufacturing facilities, especially where workers work underground. Since they are mounted, they are extremely stable and durable, and can withstand a lot of weight at a single time.

There are several of fixed ladders. The standard ladders are a conventional ladder, which are an affordable and convenient solution for aerial access and climbing to higher places.

The hooded ladders have a cage around them which provides greater safety to the workers, and minimizes the risk of falling off while working.

Handled ladders are usually used for entryways and provide much better grip to the workers so that they can pull themselves upward more effectively.

Crossover Ladders

Crossover ladders are used in places where there is a large immovable object in the facility, and workers need to cross that area frequently. Crossover ladders provide a safe and convenient passage, and allow the productive flow of workplace to continue.

These ladders can also be used as work platforms for reaching higher places, without actually disturbing any activity on the floor.

Crossover ladders come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and can be fixed or movable ladders. Business owners can purchase them on the basis of their requirement.

Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders are usually used in warehouses, where fixed ladders cannot be used because aerial access is required virtually everywhere in the facility.

Rolling ladders are designed in a way that makes them easy to operate and move around. They have a locking mechanism, which make them stable when they are being used, thereby providing safety to the workers.

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