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Aircraft maintenance stands are work platforms that are used to repair and maintain all kinds of planes. Without these stands, it would be impossible to properly maintain airplanes and the chances of accidents taking place would increase.

They are used for performing routine inspection and safety checks, scheduled maintenance procedures, and emergency repairs and part replacements.

Many kinds of maintenance stands are used in the aviation industry. The smaller stands are usually employed for performing regular maintenance work on airplanes and refueling them, whereas the larger, more complex, stands are used for taking aircrafts apart and then reassembling them.

Major types of aircraft maintenance stands

  1. Phase Maintenance Stands

These kinds of maintenance stands have the ability to completely wrap around an airplane. They are used for disassembling the various portions of an aircraft and then reassembling them after the repair work has been done.

Phase maintenance stands have the necessary features required to support the maintenance crew in their endeavors, such as power outlets and connections for air hoses. However, these maintenance stands take a longer period to be set up and are not as flexible as the other kinds of maintenance platforms used in the aviation industry. They are specialized stands that are only meant for specific purposes.

  1. Regular Maintenance stands

These stands are used for regular maintenance work. They usually come with a single deck fitted with a ladder or stairs. Regular maintenance stands are highly mobile and can be easily towed to the desired destination.

Regular maintenance stands are more flexible than the phase maintenance stands and can easily be configured to deal with a variety of aircraft maintenance issues. They usually have several safety features to ensure the worker do not get hurt while engaging in routine maintenance work.

  1. Deployable maintenance stands

They are used for rapid deployment at different locations and are very easy to setup and configure. When the maintenance work is complete, they can easily be disassembled and removed to a storage area, or deployed at another location. However, they lack many of the features that other kinds of work platforms possess.

  1. Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts can extend to a much greater height than other kinds of maintenance stands. They are used for maintenance work on large aircrafts. Although these lifts are very versatile, they are not as user friendly as some of the other maintenance stands.

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