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What are the factors that help in creating a positive learning environment for students in a classroom? Most people would answer “the teachers”. Others might say it’s the curriculum.

Very few people would mention the seating arrangement.

However, a proper seating arrangement can play a huge role in creating an effective learning environment. Different factors like the size of the classroom and the age of students have an impact on seating arrangement in classrooms.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are some tips for creating an effective classroom setting:

Make sure there is room for movement

The space and the size of the room serve as the basis of seating arrangement. The furniture that the school has is also a major factor. It is important to make sure that the seating arrangement is such that there is room for movement for the teacher.

Spacious seating arrangements help the teacher move around and interact with students. It also helps maintain discipline within the classroom.

The Cluster seating arrangement

The cluster seating arrangement is one which allows students to interact with one another freely.

It is particularly effective in developing communication and problem-solving skills of the students. This seating arrangement helps students in engaging with one another and share ideas. If teachers want their students to engage in a group activity, this seating arrangement is ideal.

Ensure that everyone can see the whiteboard

A classroom seating arrangement should be such that every student is able to have a clear, unobstructed view of the whiteboard. It helps ensure that all students are able to understand and take notes.

Seating kids with special needs in the front row

Not all students are the same. Some require more attention. These students might suffer from learning disabilities and lack of focus.

Seating them in the front row helps the teacher ensure that they’re able to understand the classwork. At the same time, seating all of these students together might be counterproductive.

There are certain students who do not have the command of the language. Teachers can make such students sit with ones who are adept at the language.

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