Mobile Single Access

Mobile single access platforms are a simple solution for problems that often seem quite complicated. These mobile platforms allow personnel to have greater access to hard-to-reach areas, offer the potential for storage space underneath the platform, and meet or exceed all current safety regulations.

These single-entry options offer workers an extended platform, allowing for tool storage on the platform itself to limit downtime, assuming all weight loading requirements are followed. The best mobile single access platforms offered at Factory Equipment right now support up to 800 pounds in weight.

You also have the ability to design your new platform with a certain number of customizable features on our standardized product.

  • Choose the number of steps that are required for your new platform. In this category, you have the opportunity to choose from 3-7 steps.
  • Choose the step width. We currently offer 24-inch and 36-inch widths for our mobile single access platforms.
  • Choose the platform height. We offer standardized options up to 70 inches in height. Platform width should match the width of the steps selected, so 24-inch or 36-inch options are available.
  • Choose the platform length. Our minimum platform length is current 3 feet, but lengths up to 6 feet are possible in 1-foot increments.

We also offer a complete customization process so that a mobile single access platform which meets all of your specificities can be manufactured.

You’ll find that these steel platforms are one of the most versatile equipment assets that you can have on-hand right now. Virtually every industry benefits from this type of platform, from maintenance to inventory control to construction, allowing your personnel to focus on their skills and talents instead of their access.

Contact our team today to get the order process started and you will see first-hand just how useful a mobile single access platform can be.