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8 Wheel Wagon Truck


Lead Time : 14 Days Material : Steel Finish : Powder Coat

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8 wheels distribute the load over greater surface area. 16” x 4” pneumatic wheels are 4 ply with roller bearings and 1 inch axles. 12 gauge steel deck is available with flush edges or a 1-1/2” retaining lip. Ring Drawbar/ T-Handle has 2-1/2” I.D. ring allows for intermittent low speed towing.

Additional information

Number Of Shelves / Decks


Top Shelf / Deck Width (Inches)

30, 36

Top Shelf / Deck Length (Inch)

48, 60, 72

Top Shelf / Deck Height (Inch)

19, 21

Overall Height (Inches)

19, 21

Shelf /Deck Lip Or Flush

1.5, Flush



Caster Type

16" Pneumatic Wheels with 1" Roller Bearings



Drawer Size (If Applicable)


Manufacture Part Number

CD-3048-16P-CR, CD-3048-16PFD-CR, CD-3060-16P-CR, CD-3060-16PFD-CR, CD-3660-16P-CR, CD-3660-16PFD-CR, CD-3672-16P-CR, CD-3672-16PFD-CR


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