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Cotterman Series 1500 Ladder With 59 Degree Slope (Unassembled Series 1000)


Lead Time : 15 Days Material : Steel Rated Capacity : 450

Finish : Powder Coat Railing Height (Inches) : 30


This ladder is the unassembled version of Cotterman’s Series 1000. Cotterman’s Series 1500 Ladders are extremely durable, featuring a rock solid steel design. Cotterman’s ladders are designed to provide safe access to elevated areas in industrial warehouse applications. The ladders also have steel handrails and large slip resistant steps. The Cotterman Series 1500 features spring loaded casters that retract whenever weight is applied on models with 1 to 5 steps, immobilizing the ladder. Shipped set-up from one of our four locations reduces freight costs and damage. Deep platform 10 and 11 step ladders are not offered in this series, due to size restrictions in shipping.

    • 450 lb. load rating
    • Five step and up have Safe lock system
    • The climbing angle is 59 degrees
    • This series covers one to eleven steps

Additional information

Top Step Height (Inches)

100, 106, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

Top Step Width (Inches)

18, 26, 32

Tread Type

Grip Strut, Perforated, Rubber Tread



Manufacture Part Number

1503R1820-A2, 1503R1820-A3, 1503R1820-A6, 1503R2630-A2, 1503R2630-A3, 1503R2630-A6, 1504R1820-A2, 1504R1820-A3, 1504R1820-A6, 1504R2630-A2, 1504R2630-A3, 1504R2630-A6, 1504R3232-A2, 1504R3232-A3, 1504R3232-A6, 1505R1820-A2, 1505R1820-A3, 1505R1820-A6, 1505R2630-A2, 1505R2630-A3, 1505R2630-A6, 1505R3232-A2, 1505R3232-A3, 1505R3232-A6, 1506R1824-A2, 1506R1824-A3, 1506R1824-A6, 1506R2630-A2, 1506R2630-A3, 1506R2630-A6, 1506R3232-A2, 1506R3232-A3, 1506R3232-A6, 1507R1824-A2, 1507R1824-A3, 1507R1824-A6, 1507R2630-A2, 1507R2630-A3, 1507R2630-A6, 1507R3232-A2, 1507R3232-A3, 1507R3232-A6, 1508R2632-A2, 1508R2632-A3, 1508R2632-A6, 1508R3232-A2, 1508R3232-A3, 1508R3232-A6, 1509R2632-A2, 1509R2632-A3, 1509R2632-A6, 1509R3232-A2, 1509R3232-A3, 1509R3232-A6, 1510R2632-A2, 1510R2632-A3, 1510R2632-A6, 1510R3232-A2, 1510R3232-A3, 1510R3232-A6, 1511R2632-A2, 1511R2632-A3, 1511R2632-A6, 1511R3232-A2, 1511R3232-A3, 1511R3232-A6, 1512R2632-A2, 1512R2632-A3, 1512R2632-A6, 1512R3232-A2, 1512R3232-A3, 1512R3232-A6, 1513R2642-A2, 1513R2642-A3, 1513R2642-A6, 1513R3242-A2, 1513R3242-A3, 1513R3242-A6, 1514R2642-A2, 1514R2642-A3, 1514R2642-A6, 1514R3242-A2, 1514R3242-A3, 1514R3242-A6, 1515R2642-A2, 1515R2642-A3, 1515R2642-A6, 1515R3242-A2, 1515R3242-A3, 1515R3242-A6, 1516R2642-A2, 1516R2642-A3, 1516R2642-A6, 1516R3242-A2, 1516R3242-A3, 1516R3242-A6


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