GKS Robot 40 Lift Battery powered remote controlled transport system with integrated lift table

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Battery powered remote controlled transport system with integrated lift table

Steel frame, two batteries, 9.8 inch loading height


Capacity (Tons/lbs): 40 / 88,000

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Weight 972 lbs



Move with Confidence: GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions

When you need to lift, move, or position heavy machinery, materials, or awkwardly shaped objects, GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions delivers the power, precision, and safety you demand. FactoryEquipment.net is your source for GKS's innovative range of jacks, dollies, skates, and specialized rigging equipment.

Why Choose GKS?

  • German Engineering: Uncompromising quality, designed for the toughest industrial tasks.
  • Solutions-Focused: From standard jacks to custom systems, GKS tackles unique challenges.
  • Safety as Priority: Features like overload protection and controlled lowering prioritize your team's well-being.
  • Built for the Long Haul: Invest in equipment designed to withstand years of heavy use.

Find the Right GKS Product

FactoryEquipment.net offers a wide range of GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions:

  • Machinery skates and dollies: Effortlessly move heavy loads across your facility.
  • Hydraulic and mechanical jacks: Lift with precision and stability.
  • Load turning and rotating systems: Reposition awkward objects safely.
  • Custom solutions: Collaborate with GKS engineers for your specific needs.

The Power to Transform Your Operations

GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions, available at FactoryEquipment.net, help you streamline workflows, reduce downtime, and create a safer workplace. Ready to experience the GKS difference?

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