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GKS – Rotating Dollies


Lead Time : 21 Days

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F/L series for safe and effortless in house transport. Highest rigidity with closed dolly cassettes. Very Durable powder coating for perfect lasting finish. Rollers do not mark floors. Due to the same loading height interchangeable with GKS-Perfekt dollies L3/L9/L12/L18 (item #10207/11071/10313/10216), adaptable as a 4-point-system in combination with Tandem dollies TL6/TL12 (item # 10229/10230) as well as 2 rotating dollies RL2 or RL4 (item # 10238/10240).

Additional information


RL1-11456, RL2-10238, RL4-10240, RL6-13439

Full Load Capacity

13200lbs / 60kN, 2200 lbs / 10kN, 4400lbs / 20kN, 8800lbs / 40kN

Swivel Plate Steering Angle

6.7" (170 mm)/ 45 degree

Loading Height

3.9" / 100 mm, 4.3" / 110 mm

Number Of Rollers

3 (3 x 2.6"), 3 (3.3 x 3.3"), 5 (3.3 x 3.3")


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