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Vestil Effciency Master Tilt Tables


Lead Time : 21 Days
The model EM1-200 tilts pallets, crates, boxes, or baskets 45° to facilitate easy container loading or unloading. Tables feature all welded steel construction for years of durability. Unique design minimizes pinch points to meet OSHA requirements. Units are equipped with an industrial quality, 56 frame 2 HP motor. This motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw for maximum life. Standard voltage is 460V 3 phase, other voltages available. A 24V push button hand control is standard. Survey sheet available on page C55. The model EM1-500 incorporates all of the same quality features found in the Series EM1-200, but features a full 90° of tilt. Unit is ideal for upending products in shipping and receiving operations. Standard with double acting cylinder for controlled tilt and return. Unit must be lagged to floor.

Additional information

Platform Width (Inches)

42, 48, 60

Platform Length (Inches)

48, 50

Level Height (Inches)






Maximum Degree Of Tilt

45, 90

Uniform Capacity (lbs)

2000, 4000, 6000

Manufacture Part Number

EM1-200-4250-2, EM1-200-4250-4, EM1-200-4250-6, EM1-200-4848-2, EM1-200-4848-4, EM1-200-4848-6, EM1-200-6050-2, EM1-200-6050-4, EM1-200-6050-6, EM1-500-4250-2, EM1-500-4250-4, EM1-500-4250-6, EM1-500-4848-2, EM1-500-4848-4, EM1-500-4848-6, EM1-500-6050-2, EM1-500-6050-4, EM1-500-6050-6


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