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Vestil Hydraulic Post Tables


Lead Time : 21 Days

Hydraulic Post Tables are ideal in material handling facilities. The unit can be of use in a variety of environments from lifting dies and castings to moving machine parts. The corner posts are telescoping to help stabilize and fully support the load during operation. The tables roll smoothly on two locking swivel casters with brakes and two rigid. The tables can be lifted/lowered with a single speed foot pump, two speed foot pump, or a two speed auto shifter that automatically shifts when the table is loaded. DC units include one (1) 12V battery to raise and lower the platform. They also include a battery, on board charger, and a hand control on an 8 ft. coil cord. *PP stands for poly on poly casters. PS = poly on steel casters. PP = polypropylene casters. Model HT-02-1616A includes a platform that swivels 360° for use as a turntable. Model HT-02-1616A and HT-05-1818A standard with a removable rubber platform cover. Partially Stainless Steel Post Tables feature a zinc plated pump assembly and leg posts, while the platform, base frame, handle, casters rigs, and hardware are stainless steel. Model numbers with the suffix “a” are shipped knock down, low profile & short pump lift range available. AC, DC, linear actuated or air/oil available.

Additional information

Platform Width (Inches)

16, 18, 20, 24, 30, 32

Platform Length (Inches)

16, 18, 30, 36, 42, 48



Service Range

25 – 37, 31 – 49, 36 – 54

Number Of Posts

1, 2, 4


4 x 1.25, 4 x 2, 5 x 1.5, 6 x 2

Uniform Capacity (lbs)

1000, 200, 2000, 300, 3000, 4000, 500, 6000

Manufacture Part Number

HT-02-1616A, HT-02-1616A-PSS, HT-03-1616A, HT-05-1818A, HT-05-1818A-PSS, HT-10-2036A, HT-10-2036A-PSS, HT-20-2436-DC, HT-20-2436A, HT-20-2436A-PSS, HT-20-3036-DC, HT-20-3036A, HT-20-3036A-PSS, HT-20-3042, HT-20-3248, HT-30-2436, HT-30-3036, HT-30-3042, HT-40-2436, HT-40-3036, HT-40-3042, HT-60-2436, HT-60-3248, PT12-10, PT12-20, PT12-40


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