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Vestil Mechanical/Electric Post Tables


Lead Time : 21 Days

Adjustable height portable tables are well suited for a wide variety of material handling applications. Moves smoothly on two rigid and two swivel 5″ x 2″ polyurethane casters. All welded steel construction (¼” deck) is blue. Provides positive height adjustment without downward drift. Features a two speed manual gear mechanism to move heavy loads at ⅛” per crank rotation or lighter loads at 5 /16″ per crank rotation. DC powder units include one (1) 12V battery an on-board battery charger and indicator.

Additional information

Platform Width (Inches)

24, 30

Platform Length (Inches)

36, 42, 48, 60

Lowered Height (Inches)

24, 28

Raised Height (Inches)

42, 46


AC, DC, Mechanical


High Profile, Low Profile

Uniform Capacity (lbs)


Manufacture Part Number

MT-2436-HP, MT-2436-HP-AC, MT-2436-HP-DC, MT-2436-LP, MT-2436-LP-AC, MT-2436-LP-DC, MT-2442-HP, MT-2442-HP-AC, MT-2442-HP-DC, MT-2442-LP, MT-2442-LP-AC, MT-2442-LP-DC, MT-2448-LP, MT-2448-LP-AC, MT-2448-LP-DC, MT-2460-LP, MT-2460-LP-AC, MT-2460-LP-DC, MT-3036-LP, MT-3036-LP-AC, MT-3036-LP-DC, MT-3042-HP, MT-3042-HP-AC, MT-3042-HP-DC, MT-3042-LP, MT-3042-LP-AC, MT-3042-LP-DC, MT-3048-HP, MT-3048-HP-AC, MT-3048-HP-DC, MT-3048-LP, MT-3048-LP-AC, MT-3048-LP-DC, MT-3060-LP, MT-3060-LP-AC, MT-3060-LP-DC


115, 12




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