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Equipment used in warehouses for aerial access makes the job of warehouse workers extremely easy. Whether a worker needs to access a higher platform, or reach for an item placed on a tall rack, aerial access equipment makes the task convenient, fast and most importantly, safe.

To understand what warehouses use for accessing higher platforms, let’s take a look at the different equipment that are used by warehouses for aerial access.


Ladders are the first choice for any warehouse; they’re the cheapest and most convenient option for aerial access. There are several types of industrial platform and ladders that can be used in a warehouse. However, fixed ladders are almost never used as warehouses need ladders that have mobility.

Some of the ladders that are used in a warehouse include rolling ladders, crossover ladders and stairways ladders.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms are able to provide more stability to the worker when they are performing work that needs aerial access. Crossover ladders are often used as mobile platforms, but they cannot reach the same height as a mobile work platform.

Certain mobile platforms can also be attached to a forklift to reach even greater heights. Mobile platforms may be necessary for some warehouses where the workers have to remain in high places for extended duration, as a ladder is not as safe as a platform.


There are several types of man lifts that are used in warehouses. Lifts can provide access to different levels of height as they are adjustable according to the need. This is something that is extremely necessary.

The different types of manlifts include vertical mast lifts, maintenance lifts, tanks top lifts, stocker lifts and telescopic hydraulic maintenance lifts.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are specifically designed for indoor environments to provide aerial access. Scissor lifts can be used by multiple workers at once, as opposed to manlifts. They are much more durable, and are designed in a way that provides more stability than manlifts.

There are mainly three types of scissor lifts, which include hydraulic scissor lifts, pneumatic scissor lifts and mechanical scissor lifts. Each of these lifts vary in size, load capacity, height and vertical travel. Warehouses need to pick the right scissor lift, which is exactly according to their need.

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