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Cotterman Tilt And Roll Aluminum Ladder


Lead Time : 15 Days Material : Aluminum Rated Capacity : 350

Finish : Railing Height (Inches) : 30

Cotterman’s Aluminum Tilt And Roll Ladders allows users to simply pull back on the handrails (It is not necessary to place a foot on the first step) and the ladder transfers from the front rubber pads to the wheels. With their aluminum material, Cotterman’s Aluminum Tilt And Roll Ladders offer extreme portability. It is perfectly balanced in the rolling position and will not slide toward the user when tilted back onto the pads.
    • 450 lb load rating
    • Climbing angle is 59 degree
    • 11 stock choice colors for steel

Additional information

Top Step Height (Inches)

20, 30, 40, 50

Top Step Width (Inches)

18, 26

Tread Type

Grip Strut



Manufacture Part Number

2TA18-A3, 2TA18-A3-E4, 2TA26-A3, 2TA26-A3-E4, 3TA18-A3, 3TA18-A3-E4, 3TA26-A3, 3TA26-A3-E4, 4TA18-A3, 4TA18-A3-E4, 4TA23-A3, 4TA26-A3-E4, 5TA18-A3, 5TA18-A3-E4, 5TA23-A3, 5TA26-A3-E4


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