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Industrial Crossover Ladder


Lead Time : 15 Days  Material : Steel  Rated Capacity : 800lbs

Finish : Powder Coat  Railing Height (Inches) :  30

Information About: Tread Types

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Supplied in three pieces: two stair sections and one bridge – Structural frame and rails are heavy 1-1/4” schedule 40 pipe – Standard step and bridge tread: expanded metal or serrated grating (Optional solid steel tread with abrasive mat on bridge is available to avoid footdebris falling onto conveyors) – Full rails, midrails and toeboards – Stairway slope allows forward facing descent- Stair sections have 10” step spacing with 9” of horizontal run per step- Each stair section has four legs with large, pre-drilled plates to bolt to the floor- Also available in alternate configurations: U-Shape, Z-Shape, L-Shape, etc.- Gray powder coat finish- Rated capacity 800 lbs.- Maximum use of limited floor space while complying to OSHA requirements

Additional information

Number Of Steps

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Step Width

24, 28, 35

Platform Height

30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80

Platform Width

24, 28, 35

Platform Length

20, 30, 40, 50, 60

Clearance Width

18, 28, 38, 48, 58

Clearance Height

28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78

Tread Type

Expanded Metal, Grip Strut



Manufacture Part Number

CS227E-CB227E, CS227E-CB327E, CS227E-CB427E, CS227E-CB527E, CS227E-CB627E, CS231G-CB231G, CS231G-CB331G, CS231G-CB431G, CS231G-CB531G, CS231G-CB631G, CS238G-CB238G, CS238G-CB338G, CS238G-CB438G, CS238G-CB538G, CS238G-CB638G, CS327E-CB227E, CS327E-CB327E, CS327E-CB427E, CS327E-CB527E, CS327E-CB627E, CS331G-CB231G, CS331G-CB331G, CS331G-CB431G, CS331G-CB531G, CS331G-CB631G, CS338G-CB238G, CS338G-CB338G, CS338G-CB438G, CS338G-CB538G, CS338G-CB638G, CS427E-CB227E, CS427E-CB327E, CS427E-CB427E, CS427E-CB527E, CS427E-CB627E, CS431G-CB231G, CS431G-CB331G, CS431G-CB431G, CS431G-CB531G, CS431G-CB631G, CS438G-CB238G, CS438G-CB338G, CS438G-CB438G, CS438G-CB538G, CS438G-CB638G, CS527E-CB227E, CS527E-CB327E, CS527E-CB427E, CS527E-CB527E, CS527E-CB627E, CS531G-CB231G, CS531G-CB331G, CS531G-CB431G, CS531G-CB531G, CS531G-CB631G, CS538G-CB238G, CS538G-CB338G, CS538G-CB438G, CS538G-CB538G, CS538G-CB638G, CS627E-CB227E, CS627E-CB327E, CS627E-CB427E, CS627E-CB527E, CS627E-CB627E, CS631G-CB231G, CS631G-CB331G, CS631G-CB431G, CS631G-CB531G, CS631G-CB631G, CS638G-CB238G, CS638G-CB338G, CS638G-CB438G, CS638G-CB538G, CS638G-CB638G, CS727E-CB227E, CS727E-CB327E, CS727E-CB427E, CS727E-CB527E, CS727E-CB627E, CS731G-CB231G, CS731G-CB331G, CS731G-CB431G, CS731G-CB531G, CS731G-CB631G, CS738G-CB238G, CS738G-CB338G, CS738G-CB438G, CS738G-CB538G, CS738G-CB638G


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