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M2000 Rolling Safety Ladder


Material : Steel Rated Capacity : 450lbs

Finish : Powder Coat Gray Railing Height (Inches) : 30″


’s M2000 Ladder features an easy to use foot pedal activated lockstep with high quality casters has a 14″ deep top step. Ladders ship knocked down for freight savings. Fully assembled ladders available with different tread types. Available with rear guardrail removed for easy walk through.

    • 21″ and 28″ deep top step available
    • Gray powder coat finish
    • Built to OSHA and ANSI standards
    • 450 lb capacity
    • CAL OSHA available

Additional information

Top Step Height (Inches)

100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

Top Step Width (Inches)

18, 26

Tread Type

Abrasive Mat, Expanded Metal, Grip Strut, Perforated



Manufacture Part Number

052414-G, 052414-P, 052414-R, 052414-X, 053214-G, 053214-P, 053214-R, 053214-X, 062414-G, 062414-P, 062414-R, 062414-X, 063214-G, 063214-P, 063214-R, 063214-X, 072414-G, 072414-P, 072414-R, 072414-X, 073214-G, 073214-P, 073214-R, 073214-X, 082414-G, 082414-P, 082414-R, 082414-X, 083214-G, 083214-P, 083214-R, 083214-X, 093214-G, 093214-P, 093214-R, 093214-X, 103214-G, 103214-P, 103214-R, 103214-X, 113214-G, 113214-P, 113214-R, 113214-X, 123214-G, 123214-P, 123214-R, 123214-X, 134014-G, 134014-P, 134014-R, 134014-X, 144014-G, 144014-P, 144014-R, 144014-X, 154014-G, 154014-P, 154014-R, 154014-X, 164214-G, 164214-X, 174214-G, 174214-X, 184214-G, 184214-X, 195214-G, 195214-X, 205214-G, 205214-X


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