Valley Craft Box Dumpers

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Valley Craft Box Dumpers

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Heavy Duty Box Dumpers bolt directly to the floor, ensuring reliability and stability throughout operation. Dumpers are designed to manage the heaviest of loads ranging from 2000 to 6000 lb. load capacity. Dumpers are fully powered up and gravity down and contents dump completely within one minute to ensure time efficient usage. Chutes have a 1/4 inch plate steel base with 7 gauge sides. Handy rotary switch control activates chute, lifting dumper to your choice of a 36″, 48″, 60″, or 72″ dump height. Dumpers have an adjustable hold down bar that can be placed at 30-42″ (on 2″ centers). Product can be customized to include: casters, variable speed control, stainless steel, 230V power option and higher dump heights.

Additional information

Width (Inches)

51, 66

Length (Inches)

48, 60

Height (Inches)

66, 72, 84

Rated Capacity (lbs)

2000, 4000, 6000

Manufacture Part Number

F80170A0, F80171A1, F80172A2, F80173A3, F80174A4, F80175A5, F80176A6, F80177A7, F80178A8, F80179A9, F80180A0, F80181A1, F80182A2, F80183A3, F80184A4, F80185A5, F80186A6, F80187A7, F80188A8, F80189A9, F80190A0, F80191A1, F80192A2, F80193A3


Valley Craft

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Valley Craft Box Dumpers


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