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Vestil Premium Scissor Lift Carts


Lead Time : 2 Days


Ideal for lifting and transporting loads, order picking, die handling, and for use in support of assembly operations. Little exertion is required to raise and lower the deck with the high quality, foot actuated, single-speed, hydraulic pump. The hydraulic system is equipped with an overload protection valve. The hand operated carts have safety stops to prevent an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance. The foot operated carts have a unique tilt up table top that allows for safe and easy maintenance. Two rigid front casters and two rear swivel polyurethane casters with brake provide a high degree of maneuverability; each swivel wheel is protected by guards and is equipped with brakes.

Additional information

Platform Width (Inches)

17.75, 19.5, 19.75, 23.25, 23.5, 24

Platform Length (Inches)

30, 33, 35.5, 40.5

Lowered Height (Inches)

10, 11.75, 12, 13, 13.25, 13.5, 17, 18

Raised Height (Inches)

31, 34, 35.5, 36.5, 53.5, 56, 61, 65


Foot Operated, Hand Operated


Double Scissor, Single Scissor

Uniform Capacity (lbs)

1000, 300, 400, 600

Manufacture Part Number

CART-1000-D-FR, CART-1000-S-FR, CART-1000-S-HR, CART-300-D-FR, CART-300-S-FR, CART-300-S-HR, CART-400-D-HR, CART-600-D-FR, CART-600-S-FR, CART-600-S-HR


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